Young lady dumps Christianity for Islam, changes name from Deborah to Hikmah

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Many reactions have trailed a young ladies decision to dump Christianity for Islam. Apart from the change of religion the young lady also changed her name from Deborah to Hikmah.

That was not all, the young beautiful lady also stated her reasons for changing religion. The post was originally posted on Facebook by Lanre Sebutu.

Below are the reasons the lady changed her religion.

  1. Jesus christ when he was alive he never practice christianity, he only bring islam
  2. Jesus was never mention anything like christian when he was alive. But in Al-qur’an GOD called us muslim like Qur’an 3:102
  3. Jesus Christ was never go to church when he was alive and there is no single verse in the bible that say go to church. But in Al-qur’an Allah says we should go to “jummuah”
  4. There is no single verse in the bible where the word “BIBLE” is mention. But in Al-qur’an there was so many places where GOD mention Al-qur’an, like qur’an 4:82
  5. There was no single verse where GOD or jesus says u should go to “jerusalem” But in the Al-qur’an GOD say in suratul hajj that we should go to hajj if we have the power to go
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What do you think about this?

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  1. scholar

    August 20, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    the girl is definitely crazy…what does she know is called sabbath day nd to keep it holy..jesus was never a christian..bub he was clld christ nd his followers christian just like been in nigeria we are called nigerians..anyways shes been brain washed..

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