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Why I Won’t Go Back For My Masters (M.sc) Now As A Fresh Nigerian Graduate

As a fresh graduate who just finished serving, there are 3 options available for you to choose from: get a job (mostly teaching jobs); go for your masters; or remain jobless (job search). If you get a job quickly, then you are lucky but if you are jobless then you are like most Nigerian graduates.

Because of lack of job, there is always this pressure to further your education- you don’t want to remain home jobless and also some there is a myth that an MSc Cert is an added advantage (don’t know if that is true sha).

To be honest, most of us wish to further our studies, and even become a Doctor, but the circumstances in Nigeria are jeopardising our dreams. I personally have decided that I won’t go for my masters now because of the under listed factors:

1. Certificates are overrated :

it is now very obvious now that it is not by the number of certificates you garner that determines your success in life. We have seen drop-outs and people without formal education that are more wealthy and successful than scholars. People are making it now by learning new skills that will benefit the society.

2. Finance :

Unless you are from a rich home, it will be difficult for you to finance your masters. You need like 25k to buy only the form, you will pay tuition, buy books, get accommodation and so many other expenses. I know people that started but couldn’t finish because of finance. People believe that at this stage you should be able to cater for yourself so you are on your own (OYO)

3. Age :

Most companies now recruits only graduates that are 26 years old and below despite the average graduating age from Nigerian Tertiary Institutions 24-26. So going for masters will add to your age and probably you will come back older which will limit the job offers you get.

4. MSc doesn’t guarantee a Job :

They do say it is an added advantage but it is pathetic to me that even after the Msc you will still come back to send resumes, cover letters and also battle with some wicked dragnet aptitude tests. If it is sure that after my masters I will be offered a job then to enrol won’t be a problem.

5. Frustration :

Nigerian educational system can be really frustrating; irregular academic calender; lack of infrastructures; some lecturers are not nice. e.t.c all these can discourage someone planning to go back.

Article Written By Shogat Via Nairaland

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