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Weird!! Zimbabwean Pastor uses his Mobile phone to call God during service [Video]

Weird Zimbabwean Pastor uses his Mobile phone to call God during service Video

Wonders shall never end, and weird things keep to happen. I always thought technology was limited on spiritual matters until I stumbed upon this video of a Zimbabwe Pastor using his smart phone to communicate with God.

Pastor Sanyangore doesn’t need to stress himself much as heaven is just a phone call away! The Zimbabwean Pastor calls ‘God’ on phone anytime he wishes to get across to him. Awesome…

In the video below, the pastor is receiving a call from ‘heaven’ on what to do about a woman’s case. Here is the conversation

“Hello, is this heaven? I have a woman here, what do you have to say about her? Oh… I should ask her who is Sibo,” he asks “heaven” amidst cheers and admiration from his members.

The woman responds, telling him who the said person is, and he continued.
“What else Papa God? What else? God is telling me to ask you why is it He’s showing me a heart?”

The woman again responds and the call continued. He said God is telling him to pray for the woman’s two children who are epileptic and asthmatic respectively. After a series of other questions, the pastor finally ended the call by repeatedly saying, “Heaven is online”!

Checkout the full video below…

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