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Weird: Man walks into police station, says he’s tired of eating human flesh

Man walks into police station, says he is tired of eating human flesh

It was a weird day for Policemen in South Africa as a man walked into police station, to say he’s tired of eating human flesh, to make matters worse, he added over human body parts – a hand and a leg – to the officers.

Police spokeswoman, Colonel Thembeka Mbhele, confirmed that the suspect confessed to cannibalism and suggested there was more than one victim.

“It is alleged that the suspect raped, killed and cut up body of a woman, which they then consumed.”

After his confession, the suspect led the police to a house in the town of Estcourt where more human remains were found.

Upon investigation, two other men, were arrested and charged with murder and conspiracy to murder.

A fourth man has also been charged of possessing human flesh and tissues.

All four men appeared in court yesterday and are due to appear again in court next week.

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