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Top 7 Types Of People That Will Never Fall During Anointing

Here are the top 7 types of people who will never fall during anointing in Church, no matter how tough the pastor is.

In this part of the world, we are so used to sight of people falling during an anointing process, but mind you, some set of people will never fall.

Here we go with this list of the top 7 types of people who will never fall during anointing.

1. The photographers and cameramen: The pastor begins a prayer, and anointing falls on everyone, but yet the photographer is standing still. I have always wondered why, perhaps their jobs are more important than falling.

2. The instrumentalist: Some anointing sessions are made more effective with the aid of the instrumentalist, they will keep on playing solemn songs (hymns) to keep people in the spirit during this session, and will never fall.

3. Church guards: No matter how powerful the anointing session is, the church guards are going to remain gallant.

4. Phone addicts: Phone addicts like you and me never fall during anointing session. We are too busy checking if our phone is still charging or safe, rather than focusing on the spirit.

5. Ushers: They surprise me the most, no matter what is going on in the church, the ushers remain unaffected. They are so close physically to the source of the anointing yet they don’t fall. They even pick up those who fall.

6. Ministers: Since they are the ones to carry out the anointing exercise, you don’t expect them to fall. Well, if they do fall, I trust it to go viral.

7. The big boys and slay queens: This set of people feel it is an embarrassment to fall during an anointing session, so they try their best not to.

There you have it on this post “Top 7 Types Of People That Will Never Fall During Anointing.” Cheers.

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Updated: May 18, 2018 — 7:05 pm

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