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Top 7 Reasons Why Most African Ladies Lose Shape After Marriage

Here are the top 7 reasons why most African ladies lose shape after marriage.

If you are the conversant type, and you happen to be from Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and the likes) you are sure to notice that most ladies tend to lose shape years after marriage.

African ladies are really beautiful, they have one of the best curves around and a beautiful skin. But most of them tend to go out of shape after marriage and the question is why? Checkout the top 7 reasons below.

List of the 7 reasons why African (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa) women tend to lose shape after marriage

1. Child Bearing: One of the most likely reason why so many African ladies get out of shape after marriage is due to childbearing. During pregnancy, the body secretes hormones that causes weight gain in addition to the incredible amount of food they consume during pregnancy. This fat is stored in their bodies and can be very difficult to lose.

2. Refusal to Lose that After Baby weight: From reason one, we discovered that this ladies add weight during pregnancy, so what happens after? Most African ladies do not mind to exercise to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy, they just live with it, even after the second and third child.

3. Too Much Food: Many of these African ladies do not have a diet plan that helps them keep their shape after childbirth instead they feed off excess starch foods.

4. Lack of Exercise: Most African ladies have never seen the four walls of a gym, or even do personal exercise. Many of them will resign from their fitness lifestyle to focus either on their marriage or on raising kids.

5. Stress: This might surprise you, but stress can also make an African lady to lose shape. Dealing with stress as a single person is not easy and when marital stress gets mixed up with all that, it becomes a lot more complicated.

6. Late Night Food: Late night meals store up calories in the body and since most African women love to skip the early morning exercise, those calories go on to get stored as fat.

7. Birth Control Pills: Taking birth control pills can make you gain weight.


There you have it on this post “Top 7 Reasons Why Most African Ladies Lose Shape After Marriage.” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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