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Top 5 data analysis tools 2019

Though the challenge of collecting and analyzing usually requires a lot of complex and technical solutions, the fact remains that most businesses and corporate bodies do not realize what they are really capable of.

Basically, there are a lot of very powerful analytical tools which are free and open source that you can use today to enhance your business and to also develop skills which can genuinely boost your career.

Instead of just leaving you to navigate the intimidating and giant world of IT tools and software for data analysis, we have put together a list of what we know as the Top data analysis tools for Business and corporate bodies.

This tools have been picked because of them being available for free even available for personal use, them being easy of use as you would need no coding experience to handle, their powerful capabilities which is way beyond basic excel,and a well-documented resources and online support.

  1. Tableau Public: This data tool democratizes visualization in an elegantly simple tool. The tool is exceptionally powerful for most businesses because it communicates insights through data visualization. Though great alternatives to this tool exist, Tableau million row limit provides an awesome playground for anyone using the software  personally. The free trial is not just a one day affair as it is more than long enough to get you hooked to the software. In Tableau analytics process, the visuals allow you to be able to investigate a hypothesis quickly, and sanity check your gut.
  2. OpenRefine: This is a data cleaning software which was formerly known as GoogleRefine and allows you the opportunity to get everything necessarily ready for analysis. For example, if you are cleaning up a database which included chemical names and you then notice that rows had different capitalization, spellings, spaces, etc that would sury make it very difficult for your computer to process. Fortunately this software contains a number of groups together similar entries which makes quick work of a messy problem.
  3. KNIME: This data tool gives you the opportunity to manipulate, analyze, and model data in an incredibly way through visual programming. More importantly, rather than writing blocks of code, you can drop nodes on a canvas and then drag connection points between the activities. KNIME can also be extended to run python, R, text mining, chemistry data, and lots more, which gives you a unique option to dabble into a more advanced code driven analysis.
  4. RapidMiner: This tool is a bit similar to KNIME, and operates through visual programming. This big data tool is capable of manipulating, analyzing and modeling data. RapidMiner once won the KDnuggets software poll, which demonstrates that big data science does not need to be a counter-intuitive coding task.
  5. NodeXL: This is an analysis software of networks and relationships. Just imagine the giant friendship maps that represent linkedin or Facebook connections. This tool takes that a step further from that by providing the exact calculations. So if you are in need of something a little less advanced, then you should check out this data tool.
Updated: January 23, 2019 — 6:56 am

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