Top 15 Largest Animals Of Their Kind

Is bigger always better? These gigantic animals would probably say so. From huge toads to breathtakingly large dogs,
these creatures will not only surprise you, but they’ll also probably make you pretty grateful you don’t have to clean up after them.

These animals come from all corners of the earth and make us rethink what we thought was possible in nature. Most of us don’t like coming face to face with a beetle, but once you see one that’s 6.5 inches long, others won’t seem so bad.

Coconut Crabs

Nomura’s Jellyfish

Goliath Toad

George the Great Dane

Mekong Catfish

South American Beetle

Flying Fox Bat

Trigger The Cow

Green Anaconda

Darius The Rabbit

Freshwater Stingray

African Snails

South American Moth

Hercules The Liger

Samson the Shire Horse

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