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Top 15 best CDN providers 2019

Top 15 best CDN providers 2019 fabinfos

Here is the Fabinfos list of the top 15 best Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers on the internet this 2019.

Having a fast loading website is key to success on the Internet today as nobody loves a slow web page and everyone wants to get information fast and in Real-time. So, except you are new in the system it is a known fact that the faster your site loads, the less likely people are to bounce, and it is more they would interact more with your site whether by reading your content, adding comments, or making a purchase on your web page.

The problem with web pages is that regardless of how much work you do to optimize codes, images, databases, and server on your website to maximize speed, you would remain at the mercy of the network which is between the service your site is hosted on and the end user of your site.

This connection and loading may not make much of a difference if the distance between this two is short, but if the person who is accessing your web page is in another far away continent, the time it would take to load and render your website may increase and be many times longer than when it is compared to accessing the website locally.

This is where the function of a content delivery network (CDN) comes to play as a content delivery network would help you to speed up your website in part, this is done by shortening the distance between the person who is visiting your website and the server which is delivering your content.

This service would help distribute and cached your site, or at least some of the elements of your site on servers across the globe. This way, if a user is accessing your site from the U.S, Australia, China, or the U.K., they would be able to load your content from a local server instantly instead of having to wait for it to be provided to them by your source server.

Doing this can have a significant huge impact on the time your website loads while also reducing the strain on your hosting server also having a content delivery network for your website can also save you a fortune of bandwidth costs.

Almost all of the top online retailers, stores, download portals, banks, portals, brokers, and lots more make use of a content delivery network. There are a lot of free services that you can use for this though with the range of options and pricing plans available on the net today a content delivery network is something that just about every webmaster and online businessman should look into so as to have a better web environment.

List of top 15 best Content Delivery Network (CDN) 2019

To help you get started and select the best of all offering this service here is a list of the top ten best commercial content delivery networks that you can choose from.

  1. MaxCDN
  2. Incapsula
  3. CDNetworks
  4. CDN77
  5. Akamai
  6. CloudFlare
  7. EdgeCast
  8. CDNsun
  9. Amazon CloudFont
  10. Limelight Networks
  11. Windows Azure
  12. CDNlion.com
  13. KeyCDN
  14. CacheFly
  15. Level 3

That’s all for now so I hope you would find one from the above list to choose from.

Updated: January 22, 2019 — 7:50 am

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