Top 10 best universities in Africa today (2018 update)

makerere university kampala uganda - Top 10 best universities in Africa today (2018 update)

Here is a post which is set to give you information on the top 10 best universities in Africa for the year 2018. Africa is a very rich continent when it comes to education, the very first known established educational institution in the world was founded in Egypt.

The continent can today boast of housing some of the best universities in the world, and we have decided to bring you the up-to-date list of the top ten universities in Africa.

So as to give you accurate and standard informatiom we are not just the list of this top 10 universities in Africa but also details about the various institutions that makes this list.

Lets go into the list in full without any delay.

Up-to-date list of the top 10 universities in Africa 2018

  1. Makerere University: This top institution is located in Kampala Uganda. Makerere university was founded in the year 1922. This is the oldest university in Uganda and also its largest education institution in the country. Makerere University is focused on research and gives credence to education, sciences and economics.  The university has 3 campuses with over 5% of students coming from other countries. Makerere University offers up to 145 degree programs, more than 140 post graduate courses and 135 Masters Degree programs.  The medical school of this institution is one of the best in Africa.
  2. University of Ghana: This institution is located in Legon-Accra. The student population of the institution is up to 30,000 and international students are up to 1000 in number.  The University of Ghana is the largest and oldest public university in country. The school became an independent university in the year 1961; which was 2 years after the country gained her independence. The institution is made up of 9 colleges which offer various degree programs. University of Ghana enjoys partnership with a number of foreign organizations, like Common Wealth Universities Student Exchange Consortium.
  3. University of Nairobi: The University of Nairobi is located in Nairobi Kenya and was created in the year 1956. The university started off as technical college, then became an independent institution in 1970. The university has up to 7 campuses today, with up to 600 academic staff members. The student population is about 70,000, and at least 90 of the student are PhD students.
  4. University of Ibadan: The university is the oldest university in Nigeria and is currently located in Ibadan, Nigeria. The student population of thid indtitution is about 35,000. The University of Ibadan has 13 faculties of world class standards, which includes Technology, veterinary medicine, agriculture and forestry.  There are up to 300 professors in the institution. The institution produces up to 3000 graduates every year, both at the PhD and post graduate levels. This university has affiliation with quite a number of international institutions and organizations.
  5. University of Botswana: Located in Gaborone, Botswana this university was established in the early part of the 1980s. It is the very first institution of higher learning in Botswana, and boasts of up to 19,000 students in its admission.  Undergraduate students are up to 15,000. Postgraduate students are up to 3,000.  Number of academic staff members is about 890. There are up to 9 research facilities in the institution; one of them is the very popular Okavango Research Institute.
  6. University of Lagos: Located in Lagos, Nigeria this university was established in the year 1962. The university began with just 72 students and total of 3 faculties but has since grown to international standard, currently there are more than 40,000 registered undergraduate students in the institution, 12,000 postgraduate students , and about 100 PhD students number up to 100, and up to 1,000 ademic staff members. The university of Lagos places much emphasis on research with about 1,700 research papers published in the institution.
  7. University of Dar Es Salaam: This institutions is located in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and was established in the year 1970 after the dissolution of University of East Africa, that included Nairobi University College in Kenya and Makerere University College in Uganda. This is the largest and oldest university in the country, and is spread across 5 campuses with 10 faculties. The library of this institution is notable with over 600,000 there and over 2,800 periodic titles.
  8. Ashesi University College: This institution is located in Berekuso, Ghana and was established in the year 2002. At inception the institution had only 27 students, but number of students has now grown to over 600. 16% of students are foreigners and up to half of the university student population are females. The institution has up to 20 international professors. The school offers various courses in different fields of human endeavors.
  9. Addis Ababa University: The university is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  It was first established some 60 years ago and started off as the University College of Addis Ababa.  This is Ethiopia’s oldest education institution. When it started in 1950, the school had only 30 students. As at today, number of students has increased to 50,000. 34,000 of the students are undergraduates; 13,000 are postgraduates and 1,700 students are registered PhD program. The institution has up to 6,000 members of staff with 2,400 of them being academic students.  The school is spread across 14 campuses. The school has up to 8 research institutes and each of the campuses has up to a dozen colleges.
  10. CheikhAnta Diop University: This institution is also referred to as the University of Dakar due to its location in Dakar, Senegal. The institution was named after Cheick Anta Diop who was a very popular Senegalese historian and anthropologist. This is a francophone university and all its courses are taught in French language. The institution was actually established in the year 1918 as a medical school before being upgraded to a full university over the years.

There you have it on this post “Top 10 best universities in Africa 2017.” Before we leave you lets give you a brief list of the top 10 institutions in the country this year.

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Top 10 Universities in Africa 2018

  1. Makerere University
  2. University of Ghana
  3. University of Nairobi
  4. University of Ibadan
  5. University of Botswana
  6. University of Lagos
  7. University of Dar Es Salaam
  8. Ashesi University College
  9. Addis Ababa University
  10. CheikhAnta Diop University

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