Story: The Last Trip Down The West 15

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Duke was done checking himself out in the mirror, he looked fab and he knew it. So he stepped out of the room with Mary, he was going to get iced cream with his dad. In the sitting room, his dad too had just finished breakfast.

“Oh… you’re ready?” his dad said as he looked him up and down appreciatively.
“Yes daddy” he answered. He said.

“Did Mary dress you?” his dad asked, looking at the outfit. He tried to remember when he had bought it for him but he count. No one had ever been able to dress duke like this before. This would have required a lot of touching and duke never let anyone touch him that much. Duke obviously really like the new girl, he smiled. Talking of which, he looked at Mary and asked.

“Is that what you are wearing?”

he asked. Looking at the rather ugly dress that she had on.

“Oga, she I dey go with you Ni?”

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Mary asked, surprised and uncomfortable. She remembered vividly the last time she had went out to get iced cream with an oga.
“Of course Mary… I don’t think I can handle this little man alone. Please go and get dressed.”

The tables had just taken a different one from the one she had been anticipating. She really didn’t think that going out with them was a good idea. But who was she to argue? She went upstairs and rushed through a bath and dressed up as quickly as she could. She picked the best dress she had, it was a tiny little bit shorter than she thought it was, but at least it covered her knees. She rushed through the white powder ritual and rushed back into the sitting room, trying as much as possible not to keep her oga waiting.

The minute he saw her, father and son burst into laughter. She stood there; looking at them, unsure what it was that was so funny. The first to recover was the father who pointed to her face and tried to say something but ended up bursting into laughter again. She was now thoroughly confused as she waited for him to stop laughing and tell her what he obviously thought was so funny about her face. Then he said, admits giggles.

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“Did you check yourself in the mirror before coming?” she looked at him, realizing that he was right. She didn’t.

“No sir”

Well, please go and check.” He said with more giggles. She ran back upstairs and checked herself in the mirror. What she saw actually made her laugh too. Her face had been wet when she used the white powder; the powder had then formed a cake of sorts on her face, making her look like a ghost. The dress she had on was black, it contrasted sharply with the color of her face and she looked like a mourning ghost of sorts. She had to wash her face with soap and water to get it off. Then she ignored the attempt at makeup and rushed back downstairs.

They set out for their day out minutes later. Duke was in the front seat, fully belted and Mary was in the back seat, wondering where all that cold was coming from.

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To be continued soon…

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