See The Most Developed Geo-Political Zone In Nigeria 2018

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which zone is the most developed in Nigeria’s six geo-political zones 2018?

• North East
• North West
• North Central
• South East
• South South
• South West

So how can we determine which of the above mentioned zone is the most developed in Nigeria?

If you would agree with me, all the zones in Nigeria today are really doing well, as none want to be behind.

The South Western Region is the house to the top African business hub, Lagos. The North West is home of Kano, and so on.

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All you need to know about Geopolitical zones in Nigeria

The six geopolitical zones of Nigeria is a major division in modern Nigeria, created during the regime of president General Sani Abacha . Nigerian economic, political and educational resources are often shared across the zones.

The six zones have not been entirely carved out based on geopolitical location, but rather states with similar cultures, ethnic groups, and common history were classified in the same zone. Nigeria is made up of approximately 400 ethnic groups and 450 languages. There was a need for the government to merge similar groups for effective allocation of resources.

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