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How to Optimize your website for search engines

How to Optimize your website for search engines fabinfos

If you are serious about creating a website and you want your website to become big and visible to millions of people then you need to start thinking about SEO from scratch.

This is optimizing some parts of your website so that it can be easily discovered and highly ranked by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Being on the second, third or tenth page of a keyword search result is as good as not appearing at all as most people would surely get what they need from the first page, and am sure that is where you would want to be.

Since most search engines are quite more sophisticated in determining which sites show up on top of the search results today, you would need to know at least some basic information about SEO so as to keep your site and its content in line with what search engines are looking for in a website. This article covers the key factors in that should be in your website so as to be picked up and ranked higher by search engine bots.

  1. Keywords: This is one of the most important part of on page SEO, a website without keywords as less chance of ranking high on any search engine. Keywords are simply the terms which people enter as a search query when they’re looking for something on the net. You would need to determine which keywords are relevant to what you offer on your new website. You would have to first make a list of every term that which you think has one thing or the other to do with your business or website niche, after you would need to then narrow it down to the 10 most relevant of all you have listed. You will then insert these 10 selected keywords in various strategic pages and post on your site as organically as possible. For example if your website relates to a local business, you would need to make sure the keywords also include your location. Your website address should also contain your brand name and top keyword. Keeping your domain name simple and straightforward is best.
  2. Local Directories: You would need to publish and submit your new website in local directories like Google+, Foursquare, Stumbleupon, Yelp and others as this can help in SEO. When doing this always use an identical format for your Name, Address, and Phone so that you will be easily recognized by people and bots.
  3. Social media sharing tools: When building your website you would need to make sure you add a social media sharing tools so as to make people share it with others in just a click. You would need to give your users the ability to share your contents on a variety of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Pinterest and lots more). Not only does this expand your outreach and read but it also helps in SEO as this makes search bots crawl your pages faster.
Updated: January 31, 2019 — 1:11 pm

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