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NYSC 2017 Batch A stream II orientation set to begin on Wednesday July 26th

According to reports just reaching us at Fabinfos, the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, will commence the 2017 Batch A Stream II orientation for prospective corps members on Wednesday, 26th July 2017.

This information was made known by the NYSC via their official Facebook page.

Printing of call-up letters is also expected to start before the end of this week.

As you prepare for the 2017 Bacth A Stream 2 orientation camp Checkout the complete list of all orientation camp requirements so you can have a smooth 21 day in camp.

It is a known fact that the printing of call-up letters is sure to spring surprises, not every PCM is going to be posted to their preferred state.

This is why it is necessary you have full details on how to re-deploy. Checkout this post for full procedures on how to apply for relocation on camp and after camp

Stay tuned, more to follow….

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Updated: May 18, 2018 — 6:40 pm


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  1. how true is this information

    1. The info was given to us by our source who is also a staff of the scheme.

  2. Thank you. I strongly believe this.

    1. You welcome

  3. Lie! Lie!! Lie!!!

  4. time table is nt yet update

    1. We are going to update you once the scheme releases the timetable on their portal

  5. Any way we want hear officially

    1. That is all we are waiting for now

  6. lie lie lie. no date officially

  7. Pls lets b informed on tym

  8. I Strongly Disagree With This Non Official Circular, Bcos The Interval Bw The Date Of Printing Of Call-up Latter And The Resuming To Camp Is Six (6) Days, And Now We Hv Less Than Six (6) Days, Based On What Some Guys They Claimed That, The Camp Will Be Open On 11 July, 2017

  9. I can’t believe this, until I see official date

  10. Pls nysc should try and fixed date for us so that we hav rest of mind

  11. My co-pcms please disregard this information is misleading and absolutely lie

  12. Please you guys should stop posting false information, it’s very misleading and annoying. If camp is on the 11th, we haven’t gotten call up letter,no update on d site, honestly just stop

  13. NYSC have to say something about this plz
    Because we are so compused

  14. Yesooo! Mr. Semester

  15. Pls NYSC should do something about this. I am tired of answering questions about stream II of the 2017 NYSC scheme PLS!!!

  16. God pls help us

  17. I dont think this is true

  18. Ubaidullah abubakar

    Please Nysc fixed us date we are tired abaut this lie

  19. Ubaidullah abubakar

    Please Nysc fixed us date we are tired abaut this lie

  20. God time is d best

  21. God time is d best

  22. Shhhhhhy…,guys it’s not a death penalty for us 2017 batch A stream 2 pcms to b worried abt, but when the time come we will definitely get there. Let’s b patient and wait for the first class information . Please?

  23. the, most important thing is that we should ask our selve does this schemee worth to wory about?every minute i checked online for a latest news on nysc stream 2. But i came to discover that the schemee doesnt worth it, if they think they are delaying us they are not,no one can stop our plan, and destiny, God time is the best. For instance if God said next month is the month of ur breakthrough,no devil can block it, let us be patience and wait for God time

  24. u hv said 24th june, 4th July,11th July, which one is correct, pls stop posting fake circular.

  25. Pls My Dear Corper’s To Be, I Think Dis Dely Has The Relation With The Current National Issues, I.e. Biapara Agitation, Bcos Some Graduates From The South East Had Scare For The Ultimate Notice By Northern Youth To Igbo. Pls Pray For The Best

  26. i think this high time we the pcm make a move, pls let mobilized ourselve and protest. We been silent all this while , if the federal government see our move they will quickly find solution to the delay. I tell you

  27. All 2017 Batch A Stream II corp members
    who reside in Lagos are notified of a
    peaceful protest to the office of the
    governor on the 11th of July 2017
    Time 10:00 am
    Come in you white shorts white shirts
    white shoes and your waist bag.
    Organizer: Ogueri Chimobi Eustace
    Number: 08103259272

    1. Na wa oooo. Must fake info be posted. What is to be gained from it?

  28. NYSC are not organized, they are also saying till September, what on hell will one be doing till September.

  29. pls nysc try and help us we are so tired

  30. Am tired of this nysc stuff

  31. Aloh Emmanuel Nwankwo

    Number one centizen of dis country is d problem behind 2017 batch A stream 2 orientation date delayed each time and on or b4 now becu’s he did not really now d worth of Education and value of d youth each time he is in london nysc officals do something in favour of we nigeria youth tanx.

  32. today is 12th and you said your source is a staff of the scheme may be you will tell us that it was a typographical errors notice me journalist

    1. Hello, sorry for the mix up. Like stated in the post, the source is a staff of the scheme and not the one calling the shots. I was at the Secretariat today and was made to understand by staffs that all is set for the camp, but they need a directive from above. And that is what is still yet to come. Sorry for the mix up.

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