Must Read Story: My Life As A Yahoo Boy Episode 4

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images 5 - Must Read Story: My Life As A Yahoo Boy Episode 4

If you missed Episode 3, read it HERE

I decided I would goto bro ola’s domot first because it was in the street next to mine, I gave him a call before leaving home.

Got to his domot around 11 a.m, mehn his House was dope, he lived in a storey building, I met the Security man at the gate, he gave me free access in, its like his boss had told him I was coming, i went in and i met some other guys playing p.s 2, in the living room .

One of them told me to have my sit, that his going to be with me in a jiffy.
I was just relaxing my head under the cool AC, and was almost dosing out of been too comfortable, when I heard my name, looked up and saw the bros. Immediately he came around, the other guys playing game just clear.

He asked if i’d love to take anything which I declined, he thanked me for the other day again. Then he was like, “ife, I av a businesss proposal for you oh, since you are always around, i’d like you to br spending your day flexing here assisting me with some stuffs”

I looked at him and smiled and said,
“bro, t depends oh, I no fit dey spend my day here, when you need me you fit holla me, i go they show up anytime, as long as money is involved”

Bro ola : OK the thing is you would be helping speak with my Clients and i would be giving you figo per day

[in my mind I was like see me see trouble this bros stingy oh figure ke] Me : bros, make am 1k na

Bro ola : ah no b ordinary phone call conversation I need your help for.

Me: bros I sabi how to use computer wella o, I can edit pictures and documents perfectly o

Bro ola : you sure?

Me : 100% bro

Bro ola : OK let me give you a test

He went in and came back with his laptop

Bro ola : oya I want you to place the passport photograph on this driver’s liscense and change the name.

I collected the tge system sharply,
Went to google, downloaded adobe photoshop, and finished edited tge stuff within fifteen minutes.

Me: bros come check

Bro ola : yaaga, this what I want exactly. Nice one you make sense boy, OK no qualms 1k per day.

I later helped him with some Calls with his white magas, when I was. taking my leave, he handed mean 1k, and i left there around 2pm.

Sharply I called bro A.y

Got to bro A.y’s crib around 2pm, he was living in a bungalow.

I got to his door and knocked, he came out sweating like person wey just finish playing match, I was now hearing a feminine voice underneath, he was like I should come inside, he then led me to another room, passing through I saw two girls at the living room half Unclad, in my mind I was like, “chai see wetin this bro dey enjoy”.

He led me to his system,he showed me the picture of a girl holding a plate of rice, sitting in a restaurant , he said, “ife I need you to change the background of this picture and and change her carrying that food to her carrying a paper, with the inscription I Love gorgio”.

I replied no problem, I told him need a data connection, he gave me his modem, and said he would be back in a jiffy, i guess we wanted to go and finish his business with his olosho’s, so I set to work.

Firstly I went to download adobe photoshop, then search for nice bedroom pix online, downloaded it also, then I launched my photoshop, straight I traced put the girl, went ahead and paste her on the pix with the bedroom with her sitting on the bed, I then sketched out drawing of an A4 Paper, and placed it over the food, it fitted perfectly mehn. I was like oti set. Then i wrote the words ‘I Love gorgio’ on it with blue color and hand writing font. That it looked perfect like it was the girl that wrote it with pen.

Since the bro was yet to come around, I just switched to videos, I just saw the movie Teen wolf season 1 and 2, I quickly send it to my phone . And i continue watching it on his system.

Few minutes later, I heard the main door closed, I guess the olosho’s yaff clear, he then came to were I was, I showed him the stuff I edited, he said, “damn, this is what I want exactly, guy we go do alot together o”.

Me : [smiling] no problem bro

He took over the system, login straight to his binu plus and sent the stuff to his maye. It’s like the guy responded wella, he went out and came back with two bottles of trophy, we sha shayo at that moment.

Later we now started this discussion

Bro A.y : you see ife, if you roll with me, i will show you how to make your own money o

Me : I wanna be rich also bro, i’d like to learn how to make my own doe

Bro A.y : I would show you the way, day by day as long as you Keep working for me, i would be giving you some changes by the side, but you have to be very calm o and careful.

Me : careful as how bro?

Bro ola : you see, this thing we are into is illegal, and so if eke catch una, na OYO you dey oh

Me wey be learner

Me : wetin be ake bayi

Bro A.y : ahah u no sabi anything sha, na police we dey call eke, coded tins now

Me: OK bro I dey grab

We sha kept conversing till around 5pm when I Left his place with another 1k.

With my earpiece in my ears, I just bounced home.

To be continued soon…

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