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Must Read Story: Every Disappointment Is A Blessing Episode 9

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​The new session and semester started, new students enrolled in 100 lvl, things began thight again but that doesn’t stop the lovers from doing their things. Zeus started his normal life back always in class sitted in front with lizzy during break the eat out together, then read together and seun too as he has promised zeus to help him out they study together bought at home and at school although jenny was not part of the study party.

Their bond grew stronger and zeus was picking up pace in his academics thanks to seun. “pimp! Pimp!” The horn of an Honda hennesey car jenny looked back she could not believe her eyes it was paul, she almost shouted in amazement as she ran and hugged him and they started sharing pleasantries.

Paul used to be jenny”s crush during are high school days. He was huge well built handsome and his dad was one of the top managers in an insurance firm. “how have you been?” jenny said as paul was gushing and admiring her still in an awe manner, then he said he was fine and it had been a long time.

So they went to an eatery to have little drink and talked, they talked about high school, life after school and all sort then jenny ask what paul came to do at unilag, and he told her that he came to do his masters which he should be starting in two weeks’ time.

They discussed and discussed till jenny realize she have to go home because it was getting late so she could beat the hold up. After leaving the eatery she made calls to zeus informing him that she was home, meanwhile zeus was on his way for night classes as usual with seun, but his mind was with jenny, cus he has really gotten used to her this made him to hardly concentrate but because he was needing high score so his gp wont drop he just hard to.

Things continues to move as it ought to not until mid-semester when things went viral and a bit complicated……

It was mid-semester. Things has really gone far with zeus and jenny, but now because of the grades zeus was after and the his academics, he wasn’t really seeing jenny like before but used to call her.

Anytime jenny calls zeus so they could go out together have fun even now that jenny kind of company was the high classy club type so she would always wants to hang out in different clubs in lagos but she does those calls at a very wrong time maybe when zeus was in class studying or at home working out his assignment, but jenny since she is from wealthy home and she knows how to bribe her way out of every test and exam she careless.

“grin! Grin!’’ the phone rang zeus picked up his phone will his eyes his been blured from the slumber he was, “hello” zeus said, all he could hear was “ we need to see zeus and pls its urgent” jenny commanded. Zeus stood up went to the bath room and dashed to the field where he and jenny usually meet.

There she was standing and that always looking dapper girl was there but the difference between her facial expression now was that it was kinda moody.

“can I get an explanation for all what has been happening in our relationship, you don’t really have my time again no calls like before, is that you have suddenly lost interest in me????”, zeus sat and calmed her down he now explain he was trying to make up for his lost grade that he really loves her and he could swear till eternity how much he cares about her that all will surely be well she should just try and understand but because of the way jenny saw it she was some how fed thinking because of an ordinary grade she just left in anger.

Zeus ran after her trying to let her see reasons with him that he will surely make it up to her its only a matter of few time that its gonna be well, but jenny blew out in anger and left, zeus was now dumbfounded he did not know what to do.

He called seun to ask if he was at home in his place seun said he will soon be home. Zeus head off to Seun house in a confused state and manner, thinking of what to do while going he kept trying jenny’s line she wasn’t picking up. He got home and collapsed on the bed, he was deep in thought then he slept off.


To Be Continued…

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