List of Nigerian celebrities who are allegedly L£[email protected]…You will be shocked when you see N0.3 on the List

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List Of Nigerian Celebrities Who are Allegedly Lesbians...You Will be Shock to see N0.1 on List 1 - List of Nigerian celebrities who are allegedly L£sbi@ns…You will be shocked when you see N0.3 on the List

Here is a list of Nigerian celebrities who are said by many to be l*[email protected], though we cannot confirm that any truly is.

For years now, these Nigerian celebrities have battled so much to refute the g*y and l*[email protected] rumours that have seriously been trailing them, well, this is obviously because not a lot of people in Nigeria are willing to admit if they are.

Despite the efforts of this female celebrities, the rumours keep escalating. brings you list of Nigerian Female celebrities alleged to be l*[email protected]

1. Iyabo Ojo

Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo was called a l*[email protected] because of her foundation called ‘S-€xy Pink Ladies”. But Iyabo vehemently refuted it. She later changed the name of her foundation due to such insinuations.

2. Susan Peters

She once reacted to rumours of her being a l*[email protected]: ‘’I am not a l*[email protected] I have never practised l*[email protected] People who know me know that Susan Peters is not a l*[email protected] Maybe, the speculation was because of my masculine structure. I am masculine because I used to participate in games a lot before.I played basketball, ran, played golf but I stopped at somepoint because I was developing muscles.

If I goback into gym now, I will develop those muscles but I am not g*y. People should stop tagging me as g*y.I love the other s*-x, I don’t like g*y. I have female friends but I have more of male friends. I have a boyfriend mind you, not boyfriends. But I have male friends because I prefer male friends to female friends because they are more comfortable to be with. I am not saying I don’t like my female friends.

I have female friends but I love more of male friends. So, people should stop saying I am g*y,I am a full-fledged straight woman.’’

3. Genevieve Nnaji

The story that Beninoise actress/musician, Ella Martins and Nollywood superstar, Genevieve Nnaji, are l*[email protected] was actually broken by an online magazine last year and it created a big buzz. Though both Ella Martins and Geneiveve reportedly, swiftly reacted to squash it all but it would seem the echoes are still being heard as Ella recently evealed to Vanguard that the rumour has affected her.

You became popular in Nigeria after that allegation of l*[email protected] between you and Genevieve. How did that little scandal affect you and your career?

Yes, it has affected my emotional life, because everybody now believes I am in a relationship with Genny and my family is not happy about it. It has really affected my career and image at home.

Have you had any similar issue back home before then?

I have never been tagged that before. It is something that is completely new to me. There has never been a time Iwas accused of being a lesbian. One little thinghappened about me and Genevieve Nnaji and everyone now believes I am a l,sbi[email protected] It is very touching and depressing.

What actually happened between you and Genny that sparked the allegation?

Hmm, you know I speak more of French than English,so, it is a little hard for me to express myself fully. What happened is that Genny and I were in a club in Lagos and her phone got missing. Later, I think a paparazzi or someone got hold of it and started sharing some contents about me and Genny online. I don’t see anything abnormal in the pictures but people started talking that we must be l*sbi,ns and all.

What kind of pictures are you talking about?

As normal persons and friends, we do take normal pictures at home and in other places but I don’t know why the online magazine showed Genevieve and I kissing, I am surprised and don’t know where they got those pictures from. So, you and Genevieve were never kissing each other in any pictures you took together? “We kissed, but it was nothing extraordinary, it was normal kiss between girls. I mean girls do kiss each other normally, even guys do too. When I was dating Fally Ipupa we used to kiss and now that we are separated and are good friends we still continue kissing like we used to. My fear is I receive strange calls saying that in a few days’ time they will be releasing more pictures about us.”

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