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Iceprince: The Upcoming Artiste… (Fact Behind His Grace to Grass Story)

All the way from J-town to the centre of excellence. Not many can make that transition and make a success story out of it. From an unknown to a household name dominating the rap scene, how can we forget so soon? With many questioning his relevance and even tagging him as an upcoming artiste, the sheer disregard for the works and contributions of [email protected] Zamani is shocking to say the least.

Without having to totally disregard what can be considered legitimate questions being raised about Iceprince and the turn his musical journey has taken, it’s still essential to note that the worth of an artistes is in the substance of their works. Like many other artistes like him, Nigerian artistes tend to sound monotonous over time as they recycle their lyrics and repeat same old kind of beats laced with lazy tunes. They package such mediocrity and sell to the fans and Iceprince is not an exception.


What could be said to have affected Iceprince is the reluctance to change with time and the stubbornness to stick to the same rhyme style, flow and delivery making him sound much the same in all his songs. Is there a way back? Is there redemption? Can there be a turn around? Will there be another chart topping hit? Will the old Iceprince stage a huge and commanding comeback to claim his crown? All these questions can only be answered by Iceprince himself as the facts states, if you don’t change with time, time will change you. Though a fashion icon for his generation, Iceprince needs to do more and evolve to be once again the rap music icon we all want him to be.

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