How To Play Super Mario Run on Your Android Device – Gameplay Tutorial

How To Play Super Mario Run on Your Android Device - Gameplay Tutorial

Super Mario Run is out and here is a tutorial on how to download, install, and play this amazing game. In this post we are going to give you full details on how to download and install the apk and data of super mario run. We are also going to teach you how to setup this game and how to play it. So buckle your seat belts as you are in for a Super Mario Run ride.

How To Download and Install the .apk and Data of Super Mario Run

Getting this game on your phone is simple. To download and install Super Mario Run on your phone simply follow the steps below.

  • Visit the GooglePlay Store on your Android Device
  • Search for Super Mario Run
  • Select the game from the list of results (am sure you can identify Super Mario Run)
  • Tap install and accept permission request from Google Play
  • After installation open the game.
  • Complete the setup (we are going to teach that below) then move to tutorials
  • After the tutorial click next
  • The Data file is going to be downloaded
  • Enjoy Super Mario Run

Note: Super Mario Run is a No-offline mode game so you are going to need an active internet connection to play.

Complete Guide on How To Setuo Suoer Mario Run On Your Android Phone After Installation

Next is how to setup this game after installation. The setup of this game is simple and straightforward though we are going to give you a complete guide on it.

super mario run country select

• After opening the game the first thing to do is select your country

Super mario run link to nintendo account simple

• Next is to link with your Nintendo account. You are going to need this account if you really want to enjoy Super Mario Run.

How To Play Super Mario Run — Complete Gameplay Tutorial

Next stop is the break down on how to play this highly addictive game. Below is the welcome screen of the game which tells you that Super Mario Run on Android is auto-Run.

how to play super mario run on any android phone

• Vaulting or Jumping can also be done by Mario. Well only when the obstacle is small.

super mario is not an endless runner

• We are human and can make mistakes. On this game mistakes can be deadly. But when you make mistakes you are given a chance to try again. All courtesy of bubbles.

tap your screen to jump in super mario run

• To jump on this game all you have to do is touch the screen.

the longer you tap screen the higher suoer mario jumps

• The longer you touch the higher you jump. Simple.

super mario potrait view image

There you have it on this post “How To Play Super Mario Run on Your Android Device – Gameplay Tutorial.” You can read our Review of this game Here Enjoy

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