How to check if your national identity card is ready

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Here is a post which is set to guide those who are in need of information on the status of their national identity card.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria National Identity Card is the official national ID for Nigerians. This card is being issued nationwide by the National Identity Managenent Commisssion (NIMC) and it comes with so many features.

This card is a security smart card, and as you can see from the image above the National Identity card comes with a chip. This chip enables the card to work as a tracker, drivers license, voters card, international passport and lots more.

This post is not about the features and functions of the Nigerian National Identity Card but one which is set to give you the easy steps on how to check online if your ID card is ready.

This article is necessary for all those who have enrolled for the National ID Card for a long time but are yet to get the permanent card from the NIMC. Though you are meant to get a text message to notify you that your ID card is ready, but in most cases not all get this notification, while some might have lost the phone/SIM they used to register.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has put this into consideration and have setup an online platform for everyone to check the availability of their card (kudus to them, as this would save you the stress of visiting their office to check this).

This post is set to give answers to the following queries

  • How can I know if my National Identity Card is ready
  • I didn’t get a message from NIMC
  • How to check online if my national id card is ready
  • Nigerian National identity card website
  • Nigerian National Identity Card portal
  • Pernanent Nigerian National identity card status

Step by step guide on how to know/check if your NIMC National Identity permanent Card is ready or not

Visit the NIMC National Identity Card card checker portal

  • Click on ‘proceed’ button
  • Fill in your details (Name and National Identification Number)
  • Click on ‘check now’ button
  • Thats all….

There you have it on this post “How to check if your national identity card is ready.” I hope you found this information helpful. Cheers

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