How I Mumuciously Bought 1GB Etisalat Data For N11,200

woman in shock - How I Mumuciously Bought 1GB Etisalat Data For N11,200

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The last time I checked, someone was complaining bitterly about Etisalat using a scam tactics to nicodemously defraud their customers as shared on Facebook via Mobilityarena…

Is this a marketing tactic or plain fraud?
Usually I buy 1.5GB @ #1200 for data from my service provider. This serves me for a month usually.
Then I got this SMS from them saying I could get 500MB bonus if I opted for a promo for 1GB @#1000 at that moment by pressing a certain code. After pressing the code, I got a message that I have been credited with 1GB and 500MB will be available if I am able to buy another I GB within 30 days!!
It’s like “won ti gba mi abi”?

I laughed in swahili because what we are passing through in Nigeria is nothing compared to what they are passing through in UAE. For the past week, have been in Dubai and the moment I landed at the airport, one beautiful Arabian Kuchi Kuchi walk straight to us and marketed Etisalat data with free sim. We ended up buying 1GB for AED100 equivalent to $28 (N11,200).

The most annoying aspect of it is that the cocoice 1GB data is expected to carry me for just 14days based on logistics. And I mumuciously payed the $28 charged from my Mastercard. I had no choice but to manage the 1GB data till my mission here is accomplished.

Etisalat might be hiding under the camels back with that deceptive promo but I can still bet you that getting 1.5GB data for N1000 is way cheaper. Though those Telco’s are milking us badly but with wetin my eyes don ecounter, 1.5GB data for N1000 is cheap.

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