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How Mobile apps can drive massive revenue to your business

How Mobile apps can drive massive revenue to your business fabinfos

Here are the ways mobile applications can drive massive revenue to your business.

From offering specific features like GPS to the simple fact that a lot of people are moving around daily with an Internet connected mobile device in their pockets. Smartphones have opened a whole new world of money making opportunities for marketers at businesses regardless of if the business is small or big.  Below are some key ways businesses can make extra cash via their mobile apps.

Geo-Targeted Push Notifications: This technology is a reality, and can be used as a boom to business. Here are some brief ways businesses can use geo-targeted push notifications to boost their revenue. When a musical band is on tour they could notify fans in the particular city they are visiting that tickets are nearly sold out or push notifications could be used to remind concert goers to show up early. A store can also make use of push notifications by announcing a sale on umbrellas to people this could be coupled with a weather alert to users when there is a weather prediction that it would rain soon.

Additional Sales Opportunities: One of the biggest opportunities for businesses to take advantage of mobile apps is that smartphones have advanced in such a way that it as opened a whole new world of shopping and engagement opportunities to both the users and business owner. Currently the interactions between customers and businesses have grown drastically. Pockets of free time which were previously used by people toward reading, can now be used by people for so much more with the help of a smartphone. Having a mobile app surely maximizes the opportunities of reaching a user within these pockets of free time. Taking advantage of the push notification might be key as it can help to remind users of a nearly abandoned shopping cart, and also to bring them back into the online shopping experience.

Making Dynamic Offers: When you key your business into technologies like push notifications and geotargeting, magical things can begin to happen. You can use data collected through geo tracking and also data gathered throgh ad campaigns to deliver in time offers. The power that mobile applications possess allows businesses the freedom to do all sorts of cool things in terms of boosting their revenue. For instance, movie theaters can go to waste at a particular time and cannot be recovered. But with the help of mobile applications this theaters could track and send a coupon code to their users who stay nearby.A bar which is also experiencing a slow night could offer an extended happy hour to customers who are staying nearby and this sort of information can only be swiftly passed across with the aid of a mobile app.

Mobile apps are currently helping businesses increase their revenue largely by simply increasing the efficiency of the business. Instead of advertising on a broad spectrum, users can now be narrowly targeted through the help of geo targeted ads on mobile devices. All these little efficiencies results in more revenue for the businesses in one way or the other while.


Updated: January 29, 2019 — 2:51 pm

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