Herdsmen killed over 756 in two years under Jonathan – See Proof

Fulaniherdsman1 - Herdsmen killed over 756 in two years under Jonathan - See Proof

The Presidency yesterday said over 756 people were killed by herdsmen in two years under former President Goodluck Jonathan, and they have received widespread backlash for the statement.

Many believe the statement is wrong, and the present day government is only trying to play the blame game, but in truth the Presidency is correct.

The Presidency made this statement in a bid to draw the general public to the grim reality of the menace of Killer Fulani Herdsmen being a fundamental one and not political.

Killer Fulani herdsmen have always been on rampage in Nigeria, and our government (past and present) seem not to have found a solution to it.

Proof that Fulani Herdsmen have always been on rampage [With or without Buhari]

• On the 7th of April 2014, Vanguard published an article titled “Fulani Reign of Terror: The killing spree continues.” The post stated that more than 500 people had been killed in less than six months by Fulani Herdsmen. You can find the post here

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• On 15th of April 2014, Human Rights Watch claimed that over 1,000 people have been killed within December 2013 to April 2014 as a result of herdsmen vs farmers violence. You can find the post here

This have not been the best by our leaders, and I think we won’t see a change in this trend of violence till Nigerians insist on having political leaders ready to account for the life of every citizen. Though it would be totally wrong for us to put the blame wholly on Buhari all because of his ethnicity..

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