He is risen! Happy Easter to Fabulous Informations Blog Readers

Hello Dear Fabinfos Reader,

I hope you have a truly lovely Easter with lots of time to spend with loved ones, enjoy wonderful food and also a great time with your loved ones this holiday, (I am so enjoying these few days off, and look forward to the mournday less monday). Today is the first time in months that I woke up pretty late, start the day slowly, and yet know everything is alright.

Today is not just a day to eat alone, but also a day of sharing so I invite you all to join me to down this small food

I am used to the talk about easter eggs, but am still in the dark, I don’t understand them just yet, maybe cause the eggs I come accross here in Agege are not as big or colourful as the ones below.

Well, all the same, have a pleasant day. You can also share those lovely moments with us.

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