For Nigerian Men: 5 careers for your woman that might poison your relationship

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Cheating couple - For Nigerian Men: 5 careers for your woman that might poison your relationship

Here is a post which is going to give you a list of the top 5 careers for your woman that just might ruin your relationship.

If you are a man and your wife/partner is into any of the below career, you might just have a lot to worry about.

If you deeply suffer from insecurity, well you better be wise when choosing your spouse. You don’t want to suffer depression and heartache when you think of the possibilities of your woman in the hands of another man. Choose wisely as the list below, exposes careers of women with high rates of cheating.

  1. Nurses: Am sure you expected this career to be on this list. Some nurses work late in the night, taking care of patients. Well if they happen to work with a flirt, partner of doctor, this person could take advantage of such women, luring them to late night romp in the office.
  2. Air hostesses: Air hostesses are beautiful and intelligent. They meet with the wealthy sultans and Arabian princes that would seduce them into giving their cherry pies for large sums of money.
  3. Bartenders: If you woman is working as a bartender to raise money for a living, you have a lot to worry about because of the nature of her job. Drunk men spanking her a$$ while working, rich men giving her tips for s•xual favors, her boss pressuring her to work late in the night. And she ends up barely having your time.
  4. House helps: Not once, not twice will employers try to take advantage of house helps by s•xual assaulting them. The worst is after impregnating them they kick them out and deny it.
  5. Actresses: The movie industry is full of team s•xually depraved people. All in a bid to make it big in this industry, some girls have to give their cherry pie as gift. Those with talent but stingy are literally denied a chance.

The end.

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