Fayose: Updates from October 2017 Edition of #MeetYourGovernor

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I greet you all, I thank you for your support, may Ekiti continue to progress. Ekiti is more important than all of us, I beseech you all to give peace a chance. I am saddened by the killings at EKSU, I have spoken with the commissioner of police to fish out these killers. I have spoken with the management of the institution, this is unacceptable, we are not going to allow anybody turn this University to a University of Bloodletting, as a government, we’ll do everything necessary to sniff them out of their hiding.

– I enjoin you to call these lines for security emergencies 09030002151, 09030002161, 08062335577. I urge us to cooperate with the police in stopping this madness, I pray God will help us as we get to the root of the mtter.

– This radio station should set up a committee to tame fake pastors from using BSES as a means of defrauding innocent citizens.

– What Ekiti State got as allocation this month is #2,456,000,000, this is not enough to pay salary but as usual, I will give to the committees in charge of disbursement to share. The LG got 1,975,000,000.

– I want to assure the people of Oye LG(Imojo, Ayede, Isan) that there will be increase in the presence of police officers to tame nefarious activities of kidnappers in that area.

– I still have more works to do in Ikere, residents there should be ready for more sacrifice.

– Concerning education, I urge you to support me so we can retain the outstanding performance achieved in our education sector.

– I urge you to help the finances of Ekiti by regular payment of tax, we have been able to do much with our meagre resources, I urge you to help us do more.

– I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to hand over his sacked officials to the EFCC so they could be prosecuted.

– I got a petition against one Mr. Adeyemi Adefolalu for defrauding two persons by selling them a piece of land. He has embarrassed the government as an official of the ministry of lands and housing, we will get to the root of the matter.

– Officials of the ministry of commerce should come on air to tell the populace progress being made in the disbursement of CBN/ MSMES development fund.

– I will build a Public Complaints Complex at Fajuyi so people can easily lodge complaints concerning governance.

– Starting from next month on this programme, I will be reeling out achievements of my administration in all sectors.

– I want to appreciate government workers for their support. There is a court order barring the EFCC from summoning any Ekiti State government official, they have invited my officials but they will not go. The court has said they should not be summoned.

– I wouldn’t have been this relevant if I weren’t sent packing the other time, I was brought back at this time to salvage the people. Write it down, I will one day become the president of this nation.

– I called my followers to order the moment I became governor, I told them I had no axe to grind with anyone, I have no one to pursue, I told them I had no enemies to chase out of town, that is the reason you have not seen any political harassment/killing since I assumed office.

– I am totally against violence even in the face of provocation, I won’t go after them, if this service is of God, it will stand the test of time.

– God willing, by next week, I will continue my good works in Ikere-Ekiti, I am not seizing anybody’s land in Ikere, what we are saying is that houses that has spent more than 100 years should be rebuilt.

– I call on my people to stop emptying dirts in gutters.

– We fixed Okemesi Ekiti road, I will reach out to about 100,000 children this December, we built bridges in Moba, we fixed Ayetoro/Ewu road. I will work for Ekiti till my last day in office. I want to assure Ekiti people that all ongoing works started in my tenure will be completed before I leave office.

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