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Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital under total lockdown as Fayose owes medical workers 6 MONTHS SALARIES!!!

The Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital is under total lockdown, as Fayose owes medical workers 6 MONTHS SALARIES. This has led to untimely death of some patients who couldn’t receive treatment.

People are dying in their tens and scores due to the nonpayment of medical workers salaries at the teaching hospital in Ado Ekiti.

On a visit to the hospital, the emergency wards, maternity wards, Labour ward shutdown, Female surgical wards, male surgical wards all shutdown.

The only section of the hospital that was working was the incubator children , who were being taken care of by one nurse and two doctors.

The Pharmacists and other health staffs of the Ekiti State Teaching Hospital are on strike action too, as the Government has refused to pay salaries.

Some patients who were recuperating and in need of medical attention were also chased out of their wards as the hospital was totally shut down.

See more photos below;

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    this is sad

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