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Download Nigeria Police Academy 2018/19 Free Past Question and Answer pdf

Here is the right page to Download Nigeria Police Academy 2018/19 Free Past Question and Answer pdf. All you need to do is save/bookmark this page and practice the questions with ease.

Full Free Nigerian Police Force 2018/19 Past Questions And Answers



Time: 3 hours

General instructions

Read the following instructions carefully before answering the questions.

Table of contents

Subjects Page

Use of English











Principles of Accounts



Instruction: Read carefully the following passage and answer questions that follows it:


A short puff of wind extinguished the candle I was carrying. Laying it carefully down at my feet so that I could easily find it again in the dark, I quickly went through my pockets to see if I still had box of matches which I had thoughtfully put there that morning, when I set out to explore the cave. But a thorough search revealed nothing with which to re-light the candle and left me desperately trying to recall how the matches could have gone astray. I then remembered that, half an hour before I had taken a short rest and eaten a bar of chocolate. While doing so, had rested the candle on a convenient rock in order to leave my hand free to unwrap the chocolate, and just as now, a brath of wind had made the candle flicker and finally go out. It was then that I had the occasion to use my matches and I only supposed that I had thoughtlessly felt the box on the rock where the candle had been standing. I reckoned that I must be about half a mile from the entrance and that the only thing for it was to grope my way back again. About an hour later, bruised from my frequent collisions with projecting rocks, I stumbled into the daylight. The first thing I thought of was a cigarette. Instinctively, I drew out my lighter from my trouser pocket. It was only when. I had it in my hand that I realized what a fool I had been.


Why did the Writer take a box of matches into the cave with him?
A. Because he was thoughtful

B. Because he needed it in exploring the cave

C. In order to relight his candle shoud it go out

D. Because he envisaged the wind

Which of the alternatives has the same meaning as the following word or phrase as they appear in the passage? “Gone astray”
A. Got lost.

B. Been misplacing.

C. Gotten missing.

D. Been thrown away.

“The only thing for it” means
A. The alternative.

B. the only alternative

C. The last option.

D. the one choice.

In what condition did the writer return?
A. He returned stubling out into the light

B. He returned feeling foolish and thoughtless

C. He returned bruised and tired

D. He returned longing for a cigarette

Why did the writer realize that he had been a fool?
A. Because he had lost his box of matches.

B. Because he had allowed his candle to go out.

C. Because he had bruised himself from the constant collisions wit the projecting rocks.

D. Because he had foolishly thought he had nothing with which to relight the candle when he had his lighter all the while.


A famer has 120m of fencing with which to enclose a rectangular sheep-pen using a wall for one side. Find the maximum area that he can enclose
A. 1,800m2

B. 800m2

C. 1,500m2

D. 1,020m2

Find the area of a parallelogram ABCD in which DA = 8cm, DC = 10cm, D= 30o
A. 30cm2

B. 40cm2

C. 55cm2


3 In the figure below if AB = 8, BD = 2, AC = 10, DE = -61/4 Calculate AE

A. 5 ½

B. 12 ½

C. 13

D. 10

PQRS is a trapezium having PQ parallel to SQ, and PSQ = QRS = 73. Calculate PQR
A. 107

B. 97

C. 73

D. None

5. ABC is triangle right-angle at B, and X is the mid-point of AC. What is the relationship between line BX and AC?

A. BX = AC

B. BX = 1/4AC

C. BX = 2AC

D. BX = 1/2AC


The ability of organisms to maintain a constant internal environment is known as
A. Endosmosis

B. Plasmolysis

C. Homeostasis

D. Diuresis

Which of the following blood components has the greatest affinity to oxygen and carbon?
A. Blood plasma

B. Leucocytes

C. Erythrocytes

D. Thrombocytes

Water vapour is lost in plant during transpiration through
A. Stomata and lenticles

B. Guard cells and lenticles

C. Guard cells and stomata

D. None of the aboce

Which of the following is the nitifying bacterium
A. Nitrosomonas

B. Nitrobacter

C. Azotobacter

D. Rhizobium

Which of the following statements is true of the cotyledons in epigeal germination?
A. They shrink and siappear

B. They are carried above the soil

C. They remain below the soil

D. They absorb water and swell


Fractional distillation of crude oil from Kaduna Refinery produces gasoline, kerosene, aviation fuel and diesel oil. Which of the fraction has a higher proportion of light hydrocarbon?
A. Gasoline

B. Kerosene

C. Aviation fuel

D. Diesel oil

Alkaline hydrolysis of vegetable oil produces fatty acids and glycerol. The latter can be separated from the mixture by
A. Decalcination

B. Precipitation

C. Filtration

D. Extraction

3. The molecule HOCH CH CHCI CH is called

A. Chloro hydroxyl butane

B. Chloro hydroxyl butanol

C. Hydroxyl chloro butane

D. Chloro hydroxyl butane

A compound XY is formed when two elections are transferred from an atom of X to an atom of Y. Which of the following statements is not correct?
A. X is oxidized and Y is reduced

B. X is reduced and Y is oxidized

C. This is a redox reaction

D. X is a reducing agent

Copper II Oxide is an example of
A. Efflorescence comp

B. Deliquescent comp

C. Hygroscopic comp

D. None of the above


A lorry of mass 2000kg moving at 36 km/h is brought to rest over a distance of 20m. Calculate the average breaking force.
A. 2500N

B. 10000N

C. 1500N

D. 5000N

2. When a plain mirror at which a ray of light is incident is rotated through an angle 8, the reflected ray will be rotated through:

A. 28

B. 8

C. 28

D. 38

3. A carnot engine turns heat into work:

A. With 100% efficiency

B. With 50% efficiency

C. Without itself undergoing a permanent change

D. With the help of expanding steam

4. An adiabatic process in a system is one in which

A. No heat enters or leaves the system

B. The system does not work nor is work done on it

C. The temperature of the system remains constant

D. The pressure of the system remains constant

5. When a light ray approaches a glass-air interface from the glass sides, the critical angle refraction is:

A. 0o

B. 45o

C. 90o

D. Equal to the angle of incidence


Which of these definitions best defines economics?
A. Is a science of opportunity cost

B. Is a science of alternatives

C. Is a science of scarcity

D. Is a science of choice

2. The basic problem of economics is best defined as:

A. what, how and for whom production is made

B. production of goods and service

C. distribution of goods and services

D. production, distribution, and consumption

3. Which of the following defines the tools of economic analysisi?

A. Theorizing

B. Abstracting

C. Modeling

D. All of the above

All graphical representations must have
A. two aves

B. zero origin

C. graduation

D. all of the above

5. The population of a country deines the numbers of

A. The able – bodied men and women in that country

B. the children and youth in that country

C. children, labour force and aged people in that country

D. school and labour force age in the country


There you have it on this post “Download Nigeria Police Academy 2018/19 Free Past Question and Answer pdf.” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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