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Here Is How You Can Set Realistic Fitness Goals For The New Year 2018

Want to set a set a realistic fitness goal for the new year 2018? Here is a post which is going to help you do that successfully.

It is common practice for a lot of us to set new goals for a new year, from education, to finance, from relationship to religion. We set so many goals for a new year. But in truth barely half of this goals are achieved at the turn of the year.

The basic cause for this is that most of this goals set by us are totally unrealistic. We set goals that are unachievable.

Setting fitness goals for ourselves before the start of a new year can go a long way to determine how much you we can actually stick to it and see positive results.

The most important thing when setting fitness goals is to set realistic goals that are workable and achievable.

Lets give you a list on tips to follow if you want to set a realistic and achievable fitness goal for the year 2018.

1. Take 10 minutes to meditate daily: This is highly achievable and realistic. Am sure you know by now that consistent meditation can be so, so beneficial for a healthy body and mind.

2. Get your moves on: Dancing is one simple way to stay fit that most people don’t know, and the good thing is you now know. Moving your body is a good alternative to not getting any exercise at all.

3. Plan to get more sleep if you want to stay fit: You might not think that prioritizing quality shut-eye actually counts as a fitness resolution, but getting the right amount of sleep is so crucial, especially for those with a more active lifestyle. So if you want to stay fit this 2018, then plan on getting more quality sleep.

4. Get out of your comfort zone: Stepping outside of your comfort zone is such an incredible way to grow and tap into your highest potential, and you need to give it a try this 2018. Whether it’s mixing things up within the fitness routine you’ve already established, or trying out a brand new workout class, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is sure to start your new year out with a bang.

5. Map out a route for a jog in your area: One of the easiest ways to actually start working out your fitness goals is to start checking out spots that will encourage you to take a run.


There you have it on this post “Here Is How You Can Set Realistic Fitness Goals For The New Year 2018.” I hope you found this piece helpful

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