BREAKING: Massive Jubilation In Aso Rock, As Sick Buhari’s UK Doctors Release Final Medical Report

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Muhammadu Buhari Portrait Photo2 890x395 1 - BREAKING: Massive Jubilation In Aso Rock, As Sick Buhari’s UK Doctors Release Final Medical Report

Ailing President, Muhammadu Buhari, is hale and hearty, and will be coming back in a week’s time, according to an alleged Doctor’s report from Sahara Reporters.

“Mr. President [Buhari] is getting better, and wanting to return to Nigeria very soon”, one of the two sources allegedly said.

Sahara Reporters, stated that the source pressured, declined to disclose any specific date for Buhari’s return, saying the matter “totally depends on his Doctors.”

Asked why the President had not spoken to his Vice, or revealed the true nature of his sickness to Nigerians, despite his avowed transparency and honesty, one of the sources told Sahara Reporters: “Sickness is not a matter you just start broadcasting to everybody. Remember that Mr. President, after his return to Nigeria in March, told Nigerians that he had never been so sick in his life. I think that statement had already disclosed enough about his health.”

One of the Presidency sources, said he was in no position to discuss the specifics of Buhari’s treatment, but disclosed that part of the President’s treatment, had led to “some side effects.”

The same source revealed that President Buhari had been receiving blood transfusion, to help improve his health.

The President has hardly spoken to his Vice, now Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, since he left, other reports claim.

The lone exception was two weeks ago, when the gravely sick President, held a short-lived telephone conversation with Osinbajo, as widely speculated.

Buhari spoke with such incoherence that the conversation had to be ended abruptly.

This year alone, Buhari has spent more than 100 days outside of Nigeria, on account of his failing health.

An opposition Politician told Sahara Reporters, that members of a cabal close to the ailing President, have renewed their plans to return him to Nigeria to assume office, after his current prolonged absence.

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