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Checkout the best practices for B@B Email marketing in Nigeria this 2019.

Despite the unending number of innovative and very awesome channels which are available for brands, email marketing still remains one of the strongest part of cross channel marketing strategy.

B2B marketing was in the past based on funnel activities which drive demand. But today B2B marketing is all about customer journey and you being able to personalize the interactions with your brand. The B2B email marketing is a complex one.

Companies need to build trusted relationships while they still delight customers with value-added information which would keep them active, interested and engaged in pursuing products and services across channels and so it can be done at scale.

The key point of this form of marketing is to create a strategy which delivers appropriate content during each phase of the clients journey, whether it is a survey result, an infographic, product sheets and also comparison guides.

Here are the best three tips for B2B email marketing aimed at helping you build an email campaign that would delivers results.

  1. Nail the Right Tone: The tone of a mail surely sets the stage for what is to expected, this is often the first impression and you would surely want it to make a positive impact. With most B2C companies, the tone of the mail is generally written in a way to grab attention. For example a title like “Don’t miss this fantastic sale!” Would surely draw the attention also using something which is also a bit funny so as to make the recipient laugh with visually stimulating content or appeal is also a good way to start B2C email marketing. There is usually a tremendous entertainment factor present in B2C email and this simply doesn’t exist with B2B email which is information centric. This is because B2B email marketing doesn’t actually need to be visually entertaining or appeal to emotions of the recipient to be effective. The right approach to B2B email marketing is more of you trying to develop and foster a good relationship and also providing a trusted solution for resolving some pain points. It is not necessary that a B2B mail is formal, but the must be delivered in a way in which the recipient would see the value in each and every email you are sending.
  2. Personalize It: To some engaging customers, a content which is personalized and relevant surely wins with them every time. And the good thing is B2B marketer can also personalize email easily by simply using data attributes. You can identify people by their name and also their company, you can also identify some with their role within a particular company. Personalization a mail also means recognizing where subscribers are by using data elements and also by using performance center data in applicable cases. Aftee identifying whi they are you can then target them with a customized content which you are sure they’ll find informative and valuable. You can capture their attention in a creative subject line or by using a compelling imagery. For example, if you know the recipient of your mail is in IT you can include an IT-oriented image in your mail. Email personalization has evolved over the years and today marketers now have access to a wide range of tools for keeping mail personalized while building upon the cross channel experience of the recipient.
  3. Timing Is key: If you want to be successful in B2B markerting you should know that right timing is crutial. Looking at data so as to identify what makes sense for your customers is key as such data can help you discover the best day of the week or time of day which such a mail is most effective. Relying on analytics and also on email operational reporting is seen as the most accurate way to collect information before you launch a campaign. Timing in B2B marketing also has to do with you being able to recognize where the customer journey and the recipient happens to be so as to trigger a appropriate follow-up email.
Updated: January 20, 2019 — 6:42 am

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