Best CV Format For Nigerians Today – How to write a quality CV and get that dream job

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jobseeker - Best CV Format For Nigerians Today - How to write a quality CV and get that dream job

Here is the best CV format for Nigerians today. This is a complete and current guide on how to write a quality CV and get that dream job of yours.

If you don’t get your CV layout right, the stakes are high that you might not get your dream job. This is because your CV is the first point of contact with your employee and most Nigerian organisations take it serious.

So, do you want to write a quality CV? Then continue reading.

Best CV Format to follow today in Nigeria

Below is a quality CV format that have worked perfectly for majority of people, and I bet if you follow it, you are going to get positive results.

1. Name and Contact Details: Your full name and contact details should be positioned at the very top of your CV, so that employers and recruiters can immediately see them. Your mobile phone number and email address should be listed, as employers / recruiters may need to contact you quickly to arrange an interview.

2. Profile / Summary: Immediately after your contact details, a short profile should be written at the top of your CV. Employers frown at generic profiles; make yours stand out by focusing on your most relevant skills, experience and talents, highlighting the reasons why employers should interview you. Sell yourself using words and phrases that can grab the employers’ attention and make you sound like the perfect candidate for the job position.

3. Work Experience/ Achievements: If you’re not a current student or recent graduate, when you might list qualifications first, your work experience should be listed next. Enlist jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job first. If you’ve worked in a lot of places/positions, no need listing them all. The last couple of jobs and your last 10 years of experience are the ones employers are mostly interested in. When writing about each job, there won’t be space for everything. Focus on creating skill-centered bullet points, stating how you’ve made a difference and added value.

4. Education / Qualifications: Education and qualification are normally listed after work history, but If you are a recent graduates and current students you can include this section before work experience/achievements.

5. Relevant Training Courses: Relevant professional training courses, seminars, workshops, can be included if you still have space etc

6. Hobbies / Interests: If have been working for a number of years, only include hobbies and interests if there is space and you have something interesting to list. Fresh graduates or current students can list leadership or committee roles like event organizer etc.

There you have it on this post “Best CV Format For Nigerians Today – How to write a quality CV and get that dream job.” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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