Barca Exit: La Liga chief Tebas threatens to block Neymar’s PSG transfer

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As speculations continue to mount as regards Neymar’s record breaking transfer from Barcelona to PSG, La Liga chief Javier Tebas has threatened to derail Neymar’s world-record transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain due to financial and contractual irregularities.

According to Tebas, the deal would be illegal and La Liga would not allow it to go through.

The head of the Spanish top flight insists that the court wrangling that continues to dog Neymar’s move from Santos to Camp Nou makes a move impossible, as do UEFA’s Financial Fair Play obligations.

“Even if PSG do not meet [Neymar’s] release clause we are going to report them,” Tebas told Sport on Tuesday.

“We have already warned the president of Paris Saint-Germain that we would do so and we see that PSG’s policy has continued in the same manner.

“They cannot invent some numbers where their commercial rights exceed those of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Nobody believes that.”

Sport has previously reported that Neymar’s transfer could be blocked until the dispute over his previous deal is resolved.

Part of the fee paid by Barcelona for his signature back in 2013 remains in arbitration as several parties fight over the money received in bringing him to Spain.

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