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Average Life Expectancy in Ghana 2018: Details and Reasons

Checkout the average life expectancy in Ghana for the year 2018 on this Fabinfos page. In this post we are set to give you the details and reason for the average life expectancy in Ghana today 2018.

Ghana’s population has more than tripled in a span of 48 years, from 6,726,815 to 21,029,853 people. With a total landmass of283,537 square kilometers, Anglophone Ghana is bordered by three Francophone countries: namely, Togo to the East, Cote d’lvoire to the West and Burkina Faso to the North and Northwest. Ghana is a Republic with an elected President, a unicameral legislature and an independent judiciary.

It is divided into 10 geographical / administrative regions, which are further sub-divided to a total of 138 administrative districts.

The population of Ghana is currently estimated at 21,029,853 with females constituting over 52% of the total population. The annual population growth is estimated at 2.7%; with a GDP growth rate of 5.8%.

The agricultural sector makes up 60% of the labour force and accounts for 40.4% of the total GDP. Ghana is currently pi among Medium Human Developing countries with an average Hu; Development Index of 0.7504

Ghana’s social, economic, infrastructure and industrial expansion at independent was unsurpassed, but it is now part of group that makes up the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC).

Many Ghanaians want to know the average life expectancy in their country, so let’s go straight into the full details.

What is the average life expectancy in Ghana today 2018?

According to a latest report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Ghanaian average life expectancy is pretty decent. The life expectancy in Ghana 2018 is now 62.4 years, which puts the West African nation in the Life Expectancy ranking in Africa at 25.

Details of the average life expectancy in Ghana 2018

According to the latest WHO data published in the year 2016 life expectancy in Ghana is: Male 61.0 years, female 63.9 years and total average of life expectancy is 62.4 years which gives Ghana a World Life Expectancy ranking of 153 globally.


There you have it on this post “Average Life Expectancy in Ghana 2018: Details and Reasons.” I hope you found this post informative.

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