Ajax should not be in the Europa League final – Mourinho

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Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho, has said he does not believe Ajax should be in the Europa League final, based in their participation in the UEFA Champions League earlier this season.

The two teams are set to meet in Stockholm next Wednesday for the final of the 2016/17 Europa League, but Mourinho has faulted the system that sees sides drop out of the Champions League – like Ajax did in the play-off round – and joined the Europa League along with clubs like United who started off in the tournament.

“They are a Champions League team, they come from the Champions League,” Mourinho told reporters on Friday.

“I always disagree with it, I don’t think a team should play in two European competitions in the same season.

“I think if a team goes to the Champions League and doesn’t qualify they should go home.

“The Europa League is for team who have been in it since the beginning, like us. We finished fifth and went to the Europa League.” He said.

There has been much talking by both managers ahead of the game.

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