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Acidic Food Every Nigerian Need To Know

Acidic Food Every Nigerian Need To Know fabinfos

It is important for everyone to know foods that are high in acidity or any other substances which are measured by the pH level of the particular food substance. This substance are placed on a scale point of 14.

The acidity of a substance is being known by the low pH level of the food substance, so the lower the pH level, the more acidic the food substance is. While neutral and basic alkaline food substances usually have higher pH levels of 7 and above. The human body has a pH balance system which determines the amount of acid and alkalinity allowed to be present in your body system at a particular time.

A food that is highly acidic may not necessarily be as life threatening as it may seem to you, but they can cause various negative symptoms in our day to day ife which ranges from, dry skin, fatigue, low energy levels, headaches, irritability, and recurring infections.

Regularly eating foods that are highly in acidic can lead to the above symptoms or help incur them. This makes it necessary for you to know foods that are high in acidic level as this would help you know what to avoid as this information can be helpful in your day to day lifestyle.

Basically the foods that tend to cause more acidity and low in alkaline level which you might need to limit or avoid totally include, grains, sugar, certain dairy products (you need to know that goat milk is rich in alkaline), fish, processed foods, fresh red meats and processed meats (examples of this kind of meats are corned beef and turkey sodas and other types of sweetened beverages), foods that are high in protein and protein supplements.

To totally avoid acidic foods you might also need to avoid some high phosphorus drinks which include, beer and also hot chocolate made from cocoa mix. If you are the type who loves to drink and would be needing some sort of drink as a substitute then sparkling water and also mineral sodas should be a good choice for you.

You should also aim to limit the following foods causeĀ  they may be affecting your acidic level in one way or the body other: nuts (which include peanuts, cashew, and walnuts), seeds (which include sunflower seeds and pumpkins), fruits (which include cranberries, blueberries and plums), corn oil sweeteners (which include molasses, sugar, maple syrup, aspartame and processed honey), some salt condiments (which include vinegar, mayonnaise and soy sauce), hard and processed cheeses grains (which include rice, corn, and wheat coffee)

To totally reduce your acidic food level intake it is also advised that you go with lower phosphorus red or white wine if you find yourself still in love with alcohol as this is the only way to get wine that is still in line with the alkaline diet. There are some foods and beverages which produce less acid than protein or sodas, but they still don’t provide the major alkaline effect you are to derive from most fresh fruits and vegetables.

Updated: January 19, 2019 — 2:22 pm

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