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5 reasons why Vitamin D is important for every Nigerian

5 reasons why Vitamin D is important for every Nigerian fabinfos

Have ever wondered why so many products  like milk and some cereals are fortified with Vitamin D, the obvious reason is the vitamin is hard to come by from regular food sources. Whereas Vitamin D is highly important for many health functions, like the health of your bones, teeth, muscles and even your immune system.  If your body does not get this nutrient in sufficient amounts there can be a lot of painful effects which would follow so it is advised you get as much vitamin D to avoid the following events.

  1. Achy, Weak Muscles: Your muscles rely on a certain amount of vitamin D in order for it to function properly and effectively. When tis vitamin is absent it can lead to cause achy, sore, and weak muscles. These are the kind of feeling you often get when you have been infected with virus like the flu.
  2. Headaches and Dizziness: These kinds of symptoms are common with high blood pressure patients, though it is also a common complain for those with vitamin D deficiency. High blood pressure is often called a “silent killer” because most people have no warning signs at all when suffering from it.  So due to the similarities and delicacy of these symptoms if you are having headaches and dizziness you should definitely talk to your doctor.
  3. Frequent Infections: If you notice that you are struggling with frequent urinary infections or respiratory problems like the cold or the flu, then chances are high that your immune system is weak and not as strong as it ought to be. One of the basic reasons for this could be a lack or deficiency of vitamin D in your body system. This vitamin is found in high concentration in the immune system of your body and is needed for the immune system to function well. It was found in a study that children who had high levels of Vitamin D in their system had less chances of acquiring a flu or cold.
  4. Excessive Sweating: If you discover that you are sweating excessively without any obvious cause for it, such as a warm day, fever or strenuous workout, you would need to report this to your doctor immediately. There are many reasons you can be experiencing this and the cause is not only limited to a deficiency of Vitamin D in your body system, though there is actually no good explanation for why low vitamin D levels in your body can lead to this problem.
  5. Tummy Troubles: If you simply have problems with things like constipation or heartburns, vitamin D can slow down how fast your body system can push through the food that you consume.

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common of vitamin deficiencies that occurs in humans and there can lead to serious health consequences for this. The good thing however is that eating a diet rich in this nutrient regularly and also getting exposed to sunlight several times a week can help restore the vitamin levels to normal.

Updated: January 23, 2019 — 6:53 am

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