4 Things Nigerian Women Notice First About Men

nigerian couple - 4 Things Nigerian Women Notice First About Men

What are the first things Nigerian women always notice?

Here they are.

1. Height : Well this should even be said for women all over the globe. The first thing a woman would always notice is a man’s height with respect to hers. Tall guys stay winning.

2. A Sweet Ride: Is it tear leather or is it ‘jalopin’. Or are you trekking everywhere? A Nigerian lady would always notice this. If she doesn’t pay attention to it how do you expect her to brag or gossip to her friends later?

3. How Articulate Are You? : Accent, intonation, verbosity, eloquence…these are the attributes that set you apart from a sea of toasters.

Are you a smooth talker? Do words roll of your tongue? Are you witty or funny?

4. Dress Sense: Are you august or dapper with your dressing? Your shoes, pay attention to those. Your hair, and your wristwatches too.

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The way you smell also goes a long way…as scent always lingers with women.

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