4 Reasons Why Men Cheat

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Cheating in a relationship is unfortunately gradually becoming a norm in our society. Even among (married) couples, cheating is still prevalent with men being the major culprits…. That doesn’t mean the women don’t cheat as well.

For some women, they find cheating very difficult. This is because they are usually more committed in the relationship. An average lady (in a relationship) feels her mind already belongs to her man. Her body professed to him she loved him in the presence of her family, friends and her colleagues. She won’t even hesitate to flaunt her relationship on her social media handles.

But for an average man, he is quite aware of the damage getting caught might do to his relationship, but won’t still back out from it. He knows that it would take herculean efforts to win back his woman back (that’s if she would accept him back), but “men would be men”, they love the “adventure”.

This is not an attempt to justify this “immoral” act, am just here to drop my opinion on the general reasons people believe men cheats and I hope you would learn how to stop your man from cheating on you.

So let’s get down to business, why do men cheat? Your man could cheat because;

He has the tendency to
Sxx for most men is more of a physical activity. It is the women that see sxx as an emotional act. Guess that’s why it’s more convenient for a man to patronize pr0stitut£s.

He’s sure he will get away with it
A cheating man is always smart. They employ several mechanisms to cover their tracks because there is this funny believe that a “woman in love does more investigation than the FBI”. But in some instances, the man won’t cover his tracks. He would even boast about cheating to his wife. If your man does that, he doesn’t deserve you because he evidently doesn’t respect your feelings.

He hasn’t gotten his priorities right
The priorities of a man should be God, family, education, business/investments and any other thing that can guarantee his future and that of his family. So if the priorities of your man are drinking and hanging out with his friends, be sure his “priorities” might get him to start cheating…. His friends could also influence him to…..

There is a woman waiting for him outside
There are some ladies who are more interested in a man who is married. They know their “relationship” has no future so they would try and make the best use of the time they have together. They would sleep with him and extort him of loads of money.

Men who are in a relationship or the married men should drop this game and work on their relationship. There’s no fun in cheating. If you think the sxx with the other lady is “good”, why not get your woman to satisfy your s[email protected] needs? That would be safe you from ruining your marriage/relationship and even the numerous s*[email protected] transmitted diseases (I hope you know c0nd0ms does not protect you from all transmitted diseases? That’s a story for another day tho).

For the ladies, if your man cheats and you are willing to forgive him and let go of your grievances, you should…… but if you can’t, just walk away. You don’t deserve to be disrespected because you love him. If he loves you enough, he will do away with cheating.

If you have contrary opinions, suggestions or comments, please drop them in the comment section. I’ll be glad to read them and reply.

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