311 Not The Highest Jamb 2018 Score; A Blogger Scored 337

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Screen Shot 2018 03 18 at 11.06.21 AM 677x500 - 311 Not The Highest Jamb 2018 Score; A Blogger Scored 337

Is it true that the highest score so far in Jamb 2018 is 311? This is the topic we shall discuss today.

It is true that dailypost, naija.ng, puch, vanguared and other news websites have been parading Aliyu as the candidate with the highest Jamb score so far. This is absolute lie. I am bold to tell you that there is a student who scored 337 in Jamb 2018. It is also possible that there are candidates with even higher Jamb score.

Saheed, who is a blogger and student of Flashlearners scored higher than Aliyu which have been reported to have score 311 in Jamb. Funny enough, Saheed was among the first set of students whose Jamb results were released.

Saheed Soneye, who is from Ogun State score 337 in Jamb 2018. You can check out his Jamb slip below or visit Jamb portal to confirm his score.

It is very possible for some candidates to score more than this. If you have seen a higher score around, please share so that the truth can stand.

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    Wow this guy is brilliant. JAMB with their mumu unconfirm news ehh… i was even shocked when they said the highest is 311

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    i have a student with 342 from BEST SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL LIFE CAMP ABUJA

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