10 Things You Are Going To Find In A Typical Nigerian Lady’s Bag

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Women are very complex creations. They do things that baffle us all the time but we love them still.

One thing they do which makes us a bit confused is what they pack in their bags. There is nothing they don’t put in their handbags, except maybe a TV and a fridge, just kidding.

Nigerian ladies never seize to amaze me, most of the things the put in their bags are mysteries to me. They hardly use most of it. And I wonder, do they just love carrying an heavy bag? Let’s check out this list and tell if it’s a lie….

Below are things you’ll find in the handbag of a Nigerian lady

  1. Makeup Kit: It’s obvious, they can’t go without their makeup kits. Of course, they need to touch up every now and then whether they are leaving a restaurant or leaving their office.
  2. Comb: They need it to put their hair in order. Walking through town can mess up their hair so they need to style it back up. Beauty is bae as they say….lol
  3. Slippers: This is for emergencies. For the corporate ladies, they take off their heels and wear this when they get to the office. They also have this in their bags just in case the shoe or slippers they’re wearing, gets torn.
  4. Extra Clothes: This gets me a bit confused but that’s the situation. They normally have extra clothing in their bags and you ask yourself, for what? Maybe it’s for emergencies as well.
  5. Wipe/Pad/Liner: This is obviously for sanitary reasons. Can’t blame them on this. The problem however is that, some don’t even use it. Pst!
  6. Hand Sanitizer: Even when they don’t use it, they’ll still have it in their bags. I think it’s like a fashion accessory.
  7. Perfume: We all can’t do without our perfumes but why carry it along when you’ve already used it before stepping out? You may find a bottle or two in their bags.
  8. Power Bank: In this era of an addictive use of social media, a power bank is a necessity. Ladies carry their power banks in their bags everywhere they go. They don’t want to miss anything on social media by being offline.
  9. Gas Cooker: Just kidding but I’m sure if manufacturers come up with a miniature one, they’ll have them in their bags as well. lol
  10. Creams/Lotions: They’ll need these when they wash their hands or they end up in a place where they have to sleep over.

There you have it on this list of 10 Things You Are Going To Find In A Typical Nigerian Lady’s Bag. Cheers

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