10 Best States To Serve As A Corper In NYSC Nigeria

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10 Best States To Serve As Corper In NYSC Nigeria is a list of some cool places in Nigeria that you can serve and never regret it. We have about 36 states in Nigeria to spend 11 months for NYSC. However, among the 36 states, we still have best.

Saying a state is the best for NYSC May not be correct because i don’t really believe there is a bad state. Anywhere you are posted, you can bring the best out of it.

Here are 10 Best States To Serve As Corper In NYSC Nigeria

This list is in my own opinion. You may have yours. And also, this list will be according to:

  • Location
  • Infrastructure
  • State Allowee
  • Job Opportunities
  • Exposure
  • etc

1. Lagos State
You should know by now. One of the best place you can do your NYSC will off course be the most popular state in Nigeria. The living standard may be high, but you will still get some cash. If you use your head, you will get connection, get a job and settle down to achieve your dream. Lagos gives room for opportunities. You have hundreds of companies to submit your proposal to. There is a saying that if you can’t make it in Lagos, then you can’t make it anywhere.

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2. Kano State
A friend of mine who finished from Kano was even claiming the place is better than Lagos. You might want to give it a shot

3. Ogun State
Ask people who finished from there. Everywhere in Ogun state is a place of Opportunity.

4. Plateau State
This is one of the best place you can serve. You will live large and still have savings. Normal standard of living, cheap food stuffs, cheap transportation and more… That’s was where I served.

5. Akwa Ibom State
Ask people who are there or people who finished from the state. They will testify

6. Enugu State
One of the best meeeeen

7. Rivers State
Someone reading this is already jumping to testify Rivers State is one of the best.

8. Cross River State
Calabar is the capital city. You won’t regret it

9. Osun State
The state of Omoluwabi. You will love it there. Peaceful, good electricity and a place to bring any dream to reality.

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10. Niger state
From testimonies, the place is dope

Remember, no state is bad. Everywhere is good. NYSC is more than looking for the best place, its making where you are posted the best.

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